Deborah’s Books

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Pre-school-Elementary Curriculum:

The primary goal of this curriculum is to bring honor and glory to God the Father by teaching Absolute Truth through the precepts of God’s Word.

The secondary goal is to provide a literature experience which introduces appealing characters and color images, while incorporating principles of Biblical Truth.

From 50- 60 percent of the vocabulary in the books includes sight words most frequently encountered by young readers from pre-school through second grade.

The learning technique of spaced repetition is also applied affording the parent/teacher the opportunity to utilize the stories to strengthen reading skills by reading the story each day for five days.  The Focus and Activities are then assigned for each day.  These include discussion and scripture for teaching the Absolute Truth of God as reflected in the stories.


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 Prayer Journals 

You are invited to Thirty Days of Prayer…Finding Strength in the LORD. Your time will be spent with the MIGHTY LORD of HOSTS, the Sovereign King and Authority over Heaven and Earth. Your time will be spent with the compassionate Christ, who lived and died to bring you salvation and abundant life, and who will come again to claim His Church…and He comes to claim you.

Until then, your LORD promises to defeat those giants in your life which threaten you and taunt you, and He promises to give you His strength. He loves you faithfully and relentlessly. He loves you with His everlasting love.