The Keeper of His Children…


September 30, 2017 The Keeper of His Children… To my friends and family who now hold the hand of the one who first reached for their hand…walking with them in these days. You, my friends, are loving well! A few years ago, I wrote, and told my story…I was given the gift of caring for [...]

Look up and Count the Stars


September 23, 2017 Look up and Count the Stars Come! Let’s bow down and worship! Let’s kneel before the LORD, our Creator!” Psalm 95:6 I will never forget the day… Our five year-old daughter was learning to read real words on her own and she loved sounding-out words in her children’s Bible.  She was propped [...]

Ascending to Jerusalem


ASCENDING… The Psalms of Ascents are the Songs of the faithful pilgrims as they journeyed to the City of Jerusalem, the City of Light, and of Atonement. These were songs of encouragement and hope as they traveled to attend the Jewish festivals.  As we prepare to begin our Fall Bible Studies, I cannot help but [...]