June 24, 2013



I love reading the Psalms of Ascent as faithful pilgrims journeyed to the City of Jerusalem, the City of David, the City of Light, and Atonement.  As we prepare for our own quiet time with our Father,  I cannot help but see this journey as our pilgrimage, leaving the cares of life behind, as we ascend to the beauty of the time with our God and experience the peace and quiet of His Word.





Ascending to Jerusalem, life’s cares I leave behind.

Ascending to Jerusalem, True Peace I yearn to find.

Redeemer, Restorer,

Lover of my soul,

Counselor, Mighty God,

My brokenness made whole.

Ascending to Jerusalem, the Light that I can see,

Ascending to Jerusalem, Hope rises up in me.

Creator, Healer, and True Light,

Bright Morning Star and King,

Savior, the Prince of Peace,

He took away death’s sting.

Ascending to Jerusalem, my pilgrimage to make,

Ascending to Jerusalem, His Word of Life, partake.

Lamb of God, Messiah, Friend,

The Living Word and Son,

The Atonement for all ages—

Our battle He has won!

Ascending to Jerusalem, His promise that we’ll meet,

Ascending to Jerusalem, to sit at my Lord’s feet.

I wait for the Lord, my soul does wait, and in His Word do I hope.

 My soul waits for the Lord…

Psalm 130:5,6



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