The Christmas Letter…Part Three

December 23, 2015


The Christmas Letter
Part Three

            The idea had come to him as he struggled to select the perfect gift for each family member. Margaret left him to his business and pulled the door closed behind her.   He pulled out a package of Christmas stationery and began his task.  Several hours later, his wife interrupted him to demand that he rest.  He had just sealed the last envelope and gladly complied with her wishes.  He would have lunch, then a nap; he was exhausted, yet he had a tremendous relief that his gift list was now complete.

The family arrived that evening and the festivities began.  Edward greeted his family with an inexplicable burst of energy, dressed in his now famous, Christmas vest.  Grandchildren squealed with excitement as they encircled him with hugs and kisses for their Mr. Christmas.  Dinner was served and everyone enjoyed the delicious meal and the chatter, the laughter and the conversation…As he sat at the dining table, he noticed the sparkle of the Christmas table as it reflected in the faces of his loved ones…The people whom he loved most in this world…He loved Christmas!

The time for the gift exchange arrived as the entire family gathered around the beautifully lit tree.  As in every other year, the grandchildren dashed around the room, delivering gifts to each person, stopping frequently to tear into a wrapped package bearing their own name.  Wrapping paper and bows and ribbons flew round the room.

The last gift was opened and the desserts were served.  The adults settled into comfortable chairs, children and toys covering the floor.  Edward sat watching and listening to every voice, every laugh; he was lost in the magic of these moments.  He rose slowly from his chair, Margaret rushing to his side, but he beckoned for her to sit.  His movement was so deliberate that conversations faded until the crackle in the fire was all that was heard.

Edward cleared his throat and asked his oldest granddaughter to bring him the bag from behind his chair.  She handed it to him and took her seat on the floor with the rest of the children.  No one spoke.  Then, with a weak but determined voice, Edward began, “Dearest family, as you know, I love Christmas.”  A few chuckled at the understatement.  “I love what it means to the world as it celebrates the birth of the Messiah, what it means to our family as we celebrate together, and what it means to me personally.  This is a time of hope, new beginnings and love… ,”  his voice broke, but he continued, “this Christmas is different.  I spent a great deal of time thinking of the perfect gift to give to each one of you.  And then, it came to me that the greatest gift that I can give to you is to share with you the legacy that God has given to me.  He has given His faithfulness, His provision, His forgiveness, and His love. I have learned a great deal about our Lord from the letters that God has given to us, His letters to us, found in His Word…the Bible.   For each of you, I have written a Christmas letter as my gift to you.  I pray for each one of you and I wish that you would celebrate Christmas every day of your lives!”

He distributed the letters, calling each family member by name.  When the last letter was distributed, the embers in the fireplace were completing their last crackles.  Once again, silence fell upon the room.  No one had moved; Edward asked that the letters remain unopened until Christmas morning.  Everyone agreed and said the last good-byes and offered Merry Christmas wishes.

The house fell into the stillness of Christmas Eve as favorite carols played.  Edward and his bride sat beside one another, listening to the quiet, feeling the joy in their hearts as Christmas approached…Together, they walked the distance to their bedroom, humming the song of Christmas.

With help, Edward climbed into bed and Margaret returned to the family room to secure the doors and to blow out the candles; she stopped and gazed at the beautiful lights shining in their home…She felt the warmth of  love envelope her…and, she felt the glow of Christmas as she walked through their home,  back to the bedroom. She switched off the light and carefully climbed into bed beside her sleeping husband, and she reluctantly allowed sleep to come…wanting desperately to capture these moments…

The next morning, she awoke and slipped from her side of the bed, careful to not awaken her sleeping husband.  She glanced at him and saw that he looked old.  “That’s what pain does”, she thought.  She drank in the vision of his face and listened to the sound of his breathing.

It was Christmas morning once again.  They had shared so many of these mornings, but this one was so different… She noticed a piece of paper on the floor beside the bed and walked over to pick it up.  Scrawled in the familiar handwriting of her husband were five words,

“Never been so at peace.”

            Margaret stared at the words…then smiled through her uncontrollable tears.  Her heart danced as she whispered her gratitude to her God.  Her God who gave the gifts of His faithfulness, His provision, His forgiveness, and His love.   He had heard her prayers for her husband and He had answered each one. Edward had found God’s peace.

She had given her precious husband the perfect gift…The Christmas Letter.


God’s Peace

Only God can give true Peace, only He can heal,

The restless heart, the wounded soul,

His Peace it says, “Be still.”

Be still and feel His embrace.

Be still and see His power.

Be still and hear His gentle voice,

Each breath of every hour.

And then Peace comes as waves of rest.

A salve within the soul,

Peace comes to heal the broken heart.

Peace restores and makes it whole.

Only God can give true Peace, only He can heal,

The restless heart, the wounded soul,

His Peace…and life tranquil.


Yes, dear friends, Christmas is a time of Hope, of New Beginnings, and of Love…

The Gift of Jesus Christ!


“These things I have spoken to you, that in Me, you may have Peace”. John 16:33

“The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective”.  James 5:16